SCATOLE 80- giant wooden box

Description [Versione italiana]

Giant wooden box made of bent beech wood,  born from an idea got from the past: the hold hatboxes.  Available in natural beech  or dark stain, and also on wheels. A linear design, free from superfluous details, that reminds us of an idea from the past: the hold hatboxes. They have been reinterpreted and turned into this giant wooden box that adapts its function to the space where it is integrated and to the creativity and taste of the people it meets. Without lid, the coffe table turns into a large container of bottles and glasses. The giant wooden boxes are produced with the same technique that is employed in the creation of wooden drum shells for percussion instruments that are made of wooden horizontal layers (, and are obtained from a drum shell of 22″ and 28″. Drums, snare drums, and bass drums enter your home and become objects of design. The SCATOLA 80- giant wooden box forms part of a collection designed and produced in Italy, which is not conceived in large scale but it results from the combination of technology, accurate choices of materials, and craftsmanship. Other coffee tables that could be of interest: OH, OHVO, QU, OASI, MACRAME’. In addition to the giant wooden boxes VILLAHOMECOLLECTION includes round wooden boxes (SCATOLE 80), round fretwork wooden trays (ROMA, MACRAME’, TEA, BISANZIO, INNOCENT, SAO JORGE), round and oval wooden trays (LUNA, ECLISSE, OVO), squared trays in solid wood (MONDO), round or squared with rounded angles wooden laundry bins (PINKETTA, PINKOVO, PINQUADRO), round and squared wooden lamps of various sizes (LAMPONDA, LAMPADRA), bookcases (GIOTTO, PALLET)In the SCATOLE 80 – giant wooden boxes as in each piece of the collection, integrity and functionality are coupled with the charming imperfection of the manual art work.


SCATOLE 80- giant wooden box







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