BELLOVO – oval chest of drawers

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Oval chest of rotating  drawers, made of bent beech. Available in natural ash finish or dark stain. This is an ingenious transformation of drum shells into an elegant oval chest drawer, suitable to any space. These oval chests of  drawers are obtained with the same technique that is employed in the creation of wooden drum shells for percussion instruments  that are made of wooden horizontal layers. Drums, snare drums, and bass drums enter your home as objects of design ( Also available in round (Bellantonio) and square (Marcovaldo) shapes, the oval chest of rotating  drawers, amaze for their lightness and robustness, which result from the combination of technology, accurate choices of materials, and craftsmanship. Other wooden containers that could be of interest: SUOMISUOVOPINKETTAPINQUADROPINKOVO. In addition to the oval chest of drawers, VILLAHOMECOLLECTION offers beautiful wooden round boxes with lid (SCATOLE 80 ) available in 7 diameters and various heights. The round boxes with lid are born out of the love for wood and of an idea of the past: the old hat box luggages. They have been reinterpreted in modern objects that adapt their function to the space where they are integrated and to the creativity and taste of the people they meet. VILLAHOMECOLLECTION is a small craft business that, in collaboration with young architects and designers, produces furnitures and homeware. We constantly look for new ideas without forgetting our long creative and artisan experience, aware of the fact that the design is as important as the final product. In the oval chest of rotating  drawers BELLOVO, as in each piece of the collection VILLAHOMECOLLECTION, innovation and tradition, as well as extreme simplicity and artistic enhancement, coexist. The round shape is the special characteristic of various products. This is obtained through the special technique applied for the production of wooden drum shells for acoustic drums and percussion instruments. Unique is also our journey from the study of the acoustics for the production of exquisite musical instruments to the stylistic research for the production of objects characterised by extraordinary lightness and linearity, free from supplemental decorations that are not elegant details.

BELLOVO – oval chest of drawers




Sizes: 46 x 39 x h70 cm



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