ASTERIAS – decorative oval tray

Description [Versione italiana]

Decorative oval tray made of bent beech. When not used, it can be hung on a wall for decorative purposes. This fretwork oval tray is made with the same technique we use for the creation of wooden drum shells for percussion instruments that are made of wooden horizontal layers ( Drums, snare drums, and bass drums enter your home as objects of design whose lightness and robustness are amazing. For those who love the purity of wood, our decorative trays are available with a water transparent varnishing. Various fretwork designs are proposed (ROMA trayBISANZIO trayTEA trayINNOCENT traySAO JORGE tray), within a wide range of products designed and produced in Italy. It is a production which is not conceived in large scale but it results from the combination of technology, accurate choices of materials, and craftsmanship. All this provides each piece with integrity and functionality coupled with the charming imperfection of the manual art work.

ASTERIAS –  decorative oval tray




Sizes: 46 x 39 x h4 cm



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